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Daily adventures on your sailing trip with DiaMaNti

The trips are designed as an island hopping adventures for all those want to experience this uninhabited paradise!!



On Diamanti Yacht you will find all the snorkeling gear for a great underwater adventure that anyone can enjoy.

Discovering the submerged world and the natural treasures hidden under the Aegean sea.
Snorkeling is also the best and easiest means for the whole family to explore the underwater beauties as everyone can participate regardless of their age, skill level or physical fitness.








Do you like fishing? Babis has a lot of experience to teach you small secrets. Fill the excitement

A unique opportunity to fish in a typical Greek manner using hand lines. In a relaxed atmosphere on board, you will have great fun.  Beginners and families just love it!
All the fishing gear  – Do you like fishing? This is your chance to catch one! Babis is very experienced and he will help you with useful tips.








Sailing + Activities

Sailing vacations come with much more than sailing. Besides the classical sailing we can arrange for optional activities:

  • Explore the islands: walk the islands’ secret paths and explore their beauties.
  • Rent a bike or a quad and make a full tour of the island.
  • Scuba dive and explore the hidden secrets of the underwater world.
  • Party all night long at some of the dozens bars and clubs from the islands.
  • Discover the islands’ local culture and enjoy the traditional cuisine by eating at a local tavern.

All these can all be part of your sailing vacation!






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