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Your floating hotel with all the amenities such as hot water, cold drinks, internet and an amazing sea view every night! … more info at facilities.

Try to find a hotel with a sea view, pay an exorbitant price just for having the ‘privilege’ of seeing a little sea from one corner of you balcony.

Endless possibilities:

  • discover a new Greek island every day (or every couple of days if you prefer).
  •  explore a secluded bay or cove whenever you wish.
  •  visit a different village every evening.

Same view, same places to visit every day, same activities and taverns, same village to spend your evening.

You  make your own schedule and set the itinerary (weather permitting). Discover the North Sporades and their secluded bays at your own pace.
Visit small islands and out of the way beaches, many of them accessible only by boat.

You can book daily trips alone with another 100 people and be told on how long to stay and do


Swim and snorkel every day in a different bay, and why not – a different island if you prefer
Avoid the crowded and noisy beaches in high seasons and choose an isolated cove only for yourself.
Combine on each island other activities to explore different island like Sightseeing , biking , Diving and much more

Figure by yourself where is the best spot for swimming and then  find a way to get there.
Try to find out by yourself if your favorite activity is available in the area of your hotel. Otherwise, try to rent a car or wait for hours for a public bus to take you to that place etc.

All inclusive sailing trip includes evrtying skipper, co-skipper, internet, snorkelling equipment, use of underwater camera, yacht insurance, end cleaning.

Pay approximately the same amount only to get a place to sleep! Extra charge for transportation, excursions and other fun activities.

Have a relaxed breakfast at whatever hours you wake up. You can cook on board as DiaManti Yacht is fully equipped , or enjoy the local cuisine at a traditional tavern.

Try to wake up and keep up with the hotel’s dining schedules.


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